Weekend adventure : Carlsberg Byen

Celies un Velies!


Rise and Shine!


Es sākšu jaunu nedēļu ar nelielu atskatu vakardienas piedzīvojumos! Dzīvojot Kopenhāgenā tu sāc novērtēt katru saulaino un skaisto dienu, jo vējš šeit tevi nepamet gandrīz nekad un, protams, mākoņainu dienu ir vairāk kā uziet. Lai nu kā, vakardien māte daba mūs palutināja ar saulainu un ne tik vējainu dienu (4 m/s ierasto 10 m/s, kas neatkāpās visu nedēļu), tādēļ mēs devāmies iepazīt jauno dzīvojamo rajonu - Carlsberg Byen. Šeit jauns rajons nozīmē ne tikai jauni apartamenti cilvēkiem, kuri izvēlēsies šeit dzīvot, bet gan ari jauna pilsētvide pilsētas iedzīvotājiem. Katrs jaunais projekts veido pienesmu pilsētai un tās iedzīvotājiem. Tādēļ nav brīnums, ka Kopenhāgenas iedzīvotāji (arī tie, kuri nedzīvos šajos apartamentos) ir ieinteresēti redzēt, kas notiek šajā jaunajā projektā. Šobrīd mazāk kā puse no plānotājām ēkām ir uzbūvētas un, protams, labiekārtojums ir pabeigts vien dažās vietās, bet apskatot projektu - būs forši! Būs pilsētvide cilvēkiem!


New week has begun and I will start mine with a little recap from yesterdays adventure. As it was finally sunny and the wind treated us with only 4 m/s (instead of 10 m/s like all week) we decided to go out and explore the new neighbourhood (or town as danish people wants to call it) that is still in development, but it is slowly getting there. It is called Carlsberg Byen and is situated around the old Carlsberg brewery. The weather was good, it was a lovely weekend with a fresh orange juice in the backpack (yes, that is a really important detail) and of course - camera! So many nice angles. I am mostly excited about the urban development, how they have planned to make new parks and how the streets will work later with the restaurants and shops. Of course, that is still in the future, but.... it seems promising! 

Atceries uzklikšķināt uz bildes, lai redzētu tās īstajā izmērā ;) / Remember to click on the image to view gallery in full size ;)


Snowfall | part I

Wooooow, these last couple of days in Copenhagen has been magical! I mean, so much snow. Falling slowly and with a big snowflakes. Tried to capture it all in photos. The first part is taken in Nyhavn. Enjoy!

xx, Z.

Hot Water with Lemon

Hot water with lemon in the mornings is the best! First thing I do, when I wake up, I go to the kitchen and make myself a glass of hot lemon water (with few slices of ginger as well). I tend to drink it before my breakfast and yoga. It is such a nice way how to start your morning and wake up you digestive track for the day. Also if you are a late dinner eater like me and often go to bed on a full stomach (yes, it is not good. Trying to change, but it is not so easy...) hot water cleanses your system and makes you feel like yourself a lot faster. You can drink it also straight after the dinner, but I tend to keep it as my morning ritual only. One more thing, the fact is that lemons are a great source of potassium, an essential nutrient that helps oxygenate your brain and repair muscle cells. So if you exercise a lot, it is a must! And there are many more good reasons why we should include hot lemon water in our daily diets... Just google it and you will find a lot of interesting articles. Anyhow, the best way is to just try it and see for yourself. You will feel the difference!!!

Ohh, and yes. Sometimes I make things even more interesting with a shot of Kambucha ;)

xx, Z

Laundromat Series

Better late than never...

Today has been an absolute 'grey all over' weather. Therefore, this colourful laundromat series will just lighten up the day !!! Rauno showed me this awesome spot. Afternoon sun shines straight into the room and brightens up the blue walls, creates an awesome reflection play with the metallic washing machines. Its is just a perfect spot for a shoot, to my mind. Maybe, hopefully, we could continue searching awesome laundromat spots in Copenhagen. It is just too much fun not to do it! 


xx, Z

model : @raunostein

Snowy Morning

Hello fellas!!! :) 

Hoooow cozy waking up to snow is?!?!?!?!?! Especially in Copenhagen (it does not happen as I often as I would like to). Oh, I wish it would stay, but it is +1 outside, so.... no can do :( Still hoping for white Christmas tho. Fingers crossed!!!

Anyway... Had to take some pictures this morning. It was so magical. You could actually see the snowflakes coming down. And my bicycle... Covered in snow. All that is beautiful until you have to ride your bicycle. haha 

Funny fact, by the time I am writing this snow is slowly disappearing and rain took its place. Yeeey (noot).

xx, Z

The Study Of Light

Few days ago, before the weather turned into grey and chilly mixture of autumn, it was a beautiful day in Copenhagen with natural light shining all over the city. I am crazy about it. Study of light, as I call it (just look at the pictures!!!). Catching different angles of my favourite city! It is so fun to give yourself some assignment, for example to find different light and shadow plays within city. Wow, you get to discover a lot!!! Try it yourself! 

And still some typical Copenhagen views with colourful houses (not Nyhavn this time). How can you not love this city?



My Magic Hour Copenhagen

Golden hour/ magic hour. Call it as you want. It is beautiful. Even the most ordinary things can turn to something more then just a bus on bridge, just another bicycle commuter or just another small boat. 

See for yourself ;) 



Your Raw True Self

People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you // Abraham Hicks

Muse: Agnija Grigule


Few shots from a little road trip my family and I had few weeks ago. Visited a small town called Kuldiga. It is super beautiful with old wooden architecture that has not been disturbed by modern block housing. Love it there. The day was a bit grey, but anyway a place to go if you are around! :) 



Hammock Is A Must

What can be better than laying in hammock while grilling some food? I must say portable hammock is a must!!! It is so nice to have an option to put it where ever you want and take it with you where ever you go. I was used to those big hammock that you buy and put in one place at your garden and there it is. Always. But not anymore... This is so nice. And I tried to catch the awesome vibe that we had in these pictures below!