Hot Water with Lemon

Hot water with lemon in the mornings is the best! First thing I do, when I wake up, I go to the kitchen and make myself a glass of hot lemon water (with few slices of ginger as well). I tend to drink it before my breakfast and yoga. It is such a nice way how to start your morning and wake up you digestive track for the day. Also if you are a late dinner eater like me and often go to bed on a full stomach (yes, it is not good. Trying to change, but it is not so easy...) hot water cleanses your system and makes you feel like yourself a lot faster. You can drink it also straight after the dinner, but I tend to keep it as my morning ritual only. One more thing, the fact is that lemons are a great source of potassium, an essential nutrient that helps oxygenate your brain and repair muscle cells. So if you exercise a lot, it is a must! And there are many more good reasons why we should include hot lemon water in our daily diets... Just google it and you will find a lot of interesting articles. Anyhow, the best way is to just try it and see for yourself. You will feel the difference!!!

Ohh, and yes. Sometimes I make things even more interesting with a shot of Kambucha ;)

xx, Z